Merry Christmas Everyone!


A Merry Christmas to all readers! May this day be one of special occasion for you and your loved ones.


We had a buffet Christmas dinner at Orchard Park Hotel and at the same time celebrated my mum's birthday. I wouldn't say that the buffet spread at the hotel was fantastic, but the ambience was warm and comfortable, and to be with your loved ones on this special occasion, I think that is more than enough.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Christmas lights along Orchard Road



King Crab Bento - It tastes like crab. Fresh Crab!

First and foremost, it has been an extremely loooong time since I last posted and I apologize. Been away doing my National Service, so I can only post stuff when I am back home. This post was supposed to be up about a month ago but no worries, all the stuff here except the King Crab Bento (seasonal food fairs only) will be available at Liang Court. Oooooo...I'm craving for Japanese curry again...O.O


I must say that the Japanese King Crab Bento Set came with a high price to pay for. I believe I paid for its food, its airport fare, its water...etc etc.

Texture of the meat was a little tough (as compared to the fresh King Crabs you get in Japan), but the serving is quite generous as expected of its price.

I enjoyed the sweetness of the meat and the ocean taste lingering in my mouth. If you are a crab lover just coming out of the closet, this might just be what you are looking for. Rating 3.5/5 *Note : This dish is sold seasonally


Generous portions with a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.


 Japanese Curry. Excellent!

Japanese curry has never appealed to me in name. I always thought that curry was always done best the traditional way and honestly after my first taste test, mmmmm =)

The curry was smooth and not grainy, almost like a thick gravy. It was a little spicy, a little sweet and a little tangy, all deliciously fused together.  From $10.80 onwards, you can try out different kinds of Japanese curry served with different kinds of meat and styles. An enormous amount of meat for the meat lover, and once served with Japanese rice, you are good to go.

Rating 4/5

Liang Court is the way to go for Japanese stuff (served exquisitely at its basement level). There were a couple of restaurants which caught my eye and I will definitely go back to finish my hungry assignment. Till then.