Have cravings for Satay Bee Hoon?


Damn, its been a very long time since I tried some fantastic Satay Beehoon. It seems to me that stalls that once whipped up this dish with such skill and fineness is slowly disappearing.

I was rather surprised at the finding of a satay beehoon stall when my friend Jason brought me after badminton to lunch at the nearby coffeeshop at Block 848, amidst the Khatib Heartlands.

I ordered the $4.00 (large) version of the dish and considering the price, they were very very generous in their servings.


The first and foremost importance of the Satay Bee Hoon is without doubt the satay sauce. Remember the sweet somewhat spicy brown peanut sauce that you use to dib your satay in? Well its the same one. This dish is truly a marvelous concoction by the creator.

Now this particular satay beehoon has its peanut gravy nice and thick. With it being a little on the sweet side. It was a sauce that really left you craving for more. *I literally scooped every last bit off the plate.


The serving of squid, cockles and chicken meat was also very generous for $4.00. Together with the nice and soft bee hoon, and coupled with the peanut sauce, oh they were like a match made in heaven.

Craving for more? Or do you know where to find outstanding satay bee hoon around Singapore? Leave a comment!

Block 848 Coffeeshop
Khatib Heartlands
Rating : 4/5

By the way, if you want to try some excellent popiah which is soft yet crunchy on the inside, check it out at the same coffeeshop as well!



It's not everyday that you will be able to chance upon a unique restaurant or bar that serves fantastic food (unless you are the sort who really goes and hunt them down). And I was rather thrilled finding a fantastic buffet in an almost obscure part of Newton.

Just a 3 minutes walk from Newton MRT Station, my family and I went to Sheraton Towers open concept styled restaurant for lunch.


You have to admit that not every restaurant comes with a waterfall embracing the scenery. The beautifully landscaped garden really does wonders by creating a soothing ambience. 


I went for this buffet 2 weeks ago but only have time to put them up now because of my examinations. So I can't really remember all the names of the dishes (though I try), but I guess I should really allow the pictures to speak for themselves as much as possible.


Skewered Teriyaki Chicken

Ahh this was good. I enjoyed the smooth and tender chicken glazed with the teriyaki sauce on it. Served with pickled radish by the side, YUMMY!


Fantastic Roast Beef 


Now, its not everyday you come across a giant slab of roast beef all waiting to be carved, don't you?

Ask the chef for at least 2 servings when you order this. The meat has been perfectly roasted on the outside creating that all too good crispy brown texture for you to savour.

Though my only gripe about this dish was that it should have roasted a little longer. It was too rare for my liking, but then again that is a personal preference.



Left - Soba Noodles served with Eel and topped with salmon eggs

Right - Fresh prawns, quail egg with a garnish of black caviar

Now this is what I rave about at this buffet! The appetizers are superior!

I literally had about 4-5 servings of the appetizers. They are very well presented and each one its a unique creation in its own right. It's not your everyday fare at a buffet.

P.S I relished the prawns served nice and whole. *Craving for more....*


Salmon Appetizer served with fruit


Roast Duck served with jellyfish


Serving of Fresh Sashimi from the counter 


Ok, this is like the standard fare for all buffets in Singapore. (*At least to the ones I've been to and excluding Carnivore [ meat buffet ], vegetarian buffets...etc. etc.)

I presume most Singaporeans would grade the quality of a buffet by the quality of the sashimi served. If that were the case, I would give this place a 3.5/5 based on sashimi alone.

Maybe I am particularly biased because while they serve the usual Salmon, Tuna, and swordfish, they also serve the Sweet Prawns(Amaebi) which I so deliciously savour.

However, I would have expected a wider range of sashimi and their sushi selection was not actually fantastic. Hmmm, I think this is one area for improvement for them. Oh I so dream of the days when I was in Himawari Japanese Restaurant for that fantastic Sashimi buffet.


Creamy Seafood Pasta

Number one on my list! I am easily satisfied when pasta is around, especially good pasta. But my more discerning buffet lovers will all go like "OH MY GOSH, YOU DO NOT, EAT PASTA AT ANY BUFFET. IT FILLS YOU UP! GO FOR THE EXPENSIVE STUFF"

Haha, well that being true, I will stick to my sashimi (expensive) and caviar (expensive) more often, but I still want my pasta!

The creamy seafood pasta was well...creamy and the best part was that each morsel gave you that cheesy sensation in your mouth. Mmmmm, that lovely kick to the dish!


Mini Chicken Pies - Burpp.


Vietnamese Beef Noodles

Another surprising fare at the buffet. It's ok if you love noodles, and the broth was nicely done. However, I feel that if they really want to serve Vietnamese food, serve more! Not just one little noodle counter enshrined in some far away place hidden next to the cashier.


A perfect little Christmasy Picture. Ring any bells to you? 



Are these desserts enough to tempt you?

While nearly every buffet will have the standard fare of tiramisu, chocolate cake, chocolate fondue, I particularly enjoyed the fresh serving of cocktail desserts.

There was ice jelly, even little cups with jelly and berries inside sprinkled with silver icing powder (left). I thought that the dessert section was really there to impress, though it would be better if they served berries alone as a fruit.


I believe that would be a fine way to end such a delectable buffet experience and at a price for approximately $30++ per person, fabulous!

Ambience Rating : 4/5

Food Rating : 4/5

Overall Rating : 4/5

This buffet is the Weekend High Tea Buffet served on Sundays 12pm - 4pm

For reservations and enquiries on price please call +65 6839-5621

The Dining Room
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
Thirty-Nine Scotts Road