Local Delights Rule The Day


Wanton Noodles with Char Siew

Don't ask me why, but I just had to put more food up from the coffeeshop near my house. It's not to say that they are not good, these dishes are worth trying out, but maybe its just a coincidence that they are found in a nice suburb area called Sembawang.


Fried Carrot Cake with Black Sauce 

One thing I like about Singaporean dishes is that they just seem so tasty. Well, that is a relative concept but its still foods like this that will make it a home away from home. The wanton mee, light and springy to the bite, and the Chai Tao Kueh (Fried Carrot Cake) crisp and sweet. I especially love the black sauce version. Sweet and slightly spicy, its an all time favourite.

To all Singaporeans overseas, what is your fondest dish of home?

Feeling the urge to try the dishes in the picture? Check out the coffeeshop at Block 313, Sembawang Vista. The Roast Duck there is fantastic as well. Check Out The Review!


Hainanese Chicken - This is really good! 

To find Hainanese Chicken Rice across Singapore is quite easy these days. What you need to find now are those that really stand out. After trying the likes of those heavily soaked in sesame oil and light soy sauce, perhaps it is time to revert back to the original flavour of home cooked Hainanese Chicken.

Now, Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop might be familiar to the older generation but this is my first time visiting this place. It was extremely crowded and a bit of a squeeze but it really felt like I was back in the good old days (minus the air conditioning).

Their Hainanese Chicken stands out particularly for its simple taste. There is no heavy sauces ladled over the meat, but just good kampung chicken with its yellow skin. Each piece was smooth to the bite and not tough and dry. You could actually feel the juice and moisture of the meat.

Rating for Hainanese Chicken : 4/5


Fabulous Roast Pork - Smoky and breahtaking 

Roast Pork is one common dish found in food courts and kopitiams, and they all have that standard salty taste. However, Yet Con's roast pork is slightly different.

The first bite exuded that smoky flavour of the meat which is entirely unique and the interestingly enough, the meat was drizzled with dark sweet sauce. I don't know how many of you would like this, but for me, this is a dish two thumbs up!

Rating for Roast Pork : 4/5

Overall, Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop is a unique outlet to visit for that traditional home cooked Hainanese food. Forget about all those additives like MSG, this is the real deal!

For a group of 6 people, expect to spend an average of $80 depending on what you order. Ambience was ok for a coffee shop but apart from all that, the feel of a genuine walk back into the past was there.

Overall Rating for Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop : 3.5/5


DSCF1896 Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop.
Purvis Street.
(Near the National Library and Bugis MRT Station)


Look at that shine on that Roast Duck! Guilty Pleasures...

This is the second review that I am doing for the Roast Duck Rice stall at the Block 313 Coffee Shop in Sembawang Vista. My first review for it (Click here to see the review) where I gave the Roast Duck a 3.5/5 was rather average, but after passing by their stall so many times, I finally noticed that the shine on their Roast Duck is fantastic.

To really enjoy the quality (and quantity of servings) of the duck, I really recommend that you at least go for half a duck. Of course, share it with your family and friends or it will really be a guilty pleasure.


The good part of their Roast Duck is perhaps the meaty parts with that delectable glimmering brown skin on the top. You simply have to dip the meat in the duck juices, and enjoy the full flavour of goodness bursting in your mouth. Don't soak the meat in the juices though as it can get a little too salty.

Pair the roast duck with their chilli and sweet sauce, and I am sure it will arguably be a meal to please anyone's palate. Rice serving is still a little skimpy but if you feel slightly ravenous in appetite that day, perhaps you might want to call for two portions of rice - and make it the chicken rice at that!


Every dish comes loaded with pickled vegetables - a well deserved compliment to the meal itself.

For $9.00, you can get half a roast duck and for $16.00, you can get the whole bird. In today's rising prices and cost of living, I think this might be one of the cheapest yet excellent foods in Singapore.

I'm really sorry if I made you feel like eating this roast duck. Enjoy!

Rating for Roast Duck : 4.5/5

Location : Coffeeshop at Block 313, Sembawang Vista


Spring Chicken Fiesta Collection

Welcome distinguished guests to the annual Spring Chicken Fiesta Apparel Collection! *Loud tempo music plays in the background*  Our designer for this season is none other then Monsieur Chicken Roosterik himself, critically acclaimed Chicken Design Specialist by Chicken's Vogue International.

Today Monsieur Roosterik will unveil two of his hot and fabulous creations. So Hens and Roosters, please put your wings together for The Roosterik SPRING Collection!


Aren't I HOT!

Mademoiselle Henrita is wearing a glazed golden embroidery on her feathers, laced lavishly with sparkling crystals. The dress is complete with a three-hued ensemble skirt with magnificent reddish brown, rich teal and oceanific blue!


The Golden Egg 

A perfect outfit for all hens who are ready to lay their eggs! Note how the shine of the outfit goes well with the glow of a "just-given-birth-to-an-egg" hen.


The fashion designer

We are not complete without seeing Monsieur Roosterik's other work and this outfit will be brought out by the designer himself! This Spring Collection comes complete with the suit for the charming and hunky rooster. Note how the shine of the feathers really stand out, and with even more jewels, this outfit will certainly be a dazzle in delight.


Roosterik and Henrita make their chickenific appearance....*squawk* 

Now, lets one again welcome the two models on stage! *Squawk squawk squawk*

*Cheers, Camera flashes, loud tempo music.....*

We hope you have enjoyed today's fashion show of The Roosterik SPRING Collection. Outfits are a limited collection, so place your order today!

As the water flows,

It lives, it breathes,

And it remembers.


In the 2 years of our time

Coming as different chimes.

The hours we shared

The joy we spread

From one another’s smile


AJ our second home

With sounds of laughter

and the taste of tears

We made it until now.


Where we started as buds

To become a majestic rose.

A rising sun over the oceans

As we journey on.


Things may have changed,

and it will change for sure.

But what will always remain the same

Are the moments of magic

Which we had as one AJ.


To always care for each other,

Wherever we are,

Whatever we do,

In the spirit of


Non Mihi Solum

Reading today's papers, I came across the article commentary about Singapore's High Commissioner to Britain, Mr Teo's, rebuttal against The Guardian's John Kampfner's article about "The New Authoritarianism" (See full article here)

Mr. Teo's rebuttal (See the rebuttal) titled "The Singapore Model" emphasizes strongly that while liberal democracy will work for the West, in Asia, it is a different situation altogether.

I agree with Kampfner's view that in Singapore, we are "willing to hand over several of [our] freedoms in return for prosperity or security." Certain issues like the freedom to openly make a public statement about anything has been given up for the freedom of responsible speaking, and even to hold a protest, one will even need a permit from the authorities and it must be conducted indoors. However, my contention is that what is so wrong about wanting to achieve prosperity or security for oneself, for the family and for the entire nation?

We must understand the context in which Singapore is placed in. The Republic is not a nation like those in the West. We have our own cultural values, our own systems of traditions and even our own taste and preferences. Hence, why should it be that when the nation is not following the liberal western style of democracy will it be that the government is termed Authoritarian? We have merely adapted democracy to meet our needs as a multi-racial society living in a multi cultural Asia.

Certain commentaries to Mr. Teo's article sparked concerns that while Singapore has opened itself up to the world, we are a nation that has been rejecting its influence. I feel that there must be a clear line to be drawn when it comes to governance and globalization. Globalization while the benefits are many, also bring about the system of cultural erosion as generally the Western values (such as free democracy) are imposed upon societies. However, when it comes to governance, much more is required than being dependent on the influence one's government receives across the border. It is of grave importance that the government that is in power is able to be in sync with that of its own people, and not to the ideals of foreigners.

Human Rights Groups have criticised Singapore for failing to allow total rights to its people and even Kampfner argues that "this system is morally corrupted by politicians and civil servants who want more money and power- to dictate the terms to the ordinary citizens." Nonetheless, if the Human Rights Group wish to champion about a person's rights and that the Singapore's system of governance have failed to accommodate it, I would like to question on the very right of humans to choose what they want - and in this case, for their style of governance. If the government have ignored human rights for the trade off of better prosperity and security for the nation, who is then the Rights Groups that champion for their cause when they are attacking their very own concept of Rights itself by labelling this nation as Authoritarian? I myself believe that a person is given a right to choose, and I will choose for the best of my interest and by so far, this government in Singapore has done that in their own style.

Yet still, I agree that Singapore's style of governance does have its flaws, but it is a truth universally known that there is no such thing as a perfect governance or even a perfect style of governance. Governance of a country is rather more an evolutionary process each day where it is created based on the context the country is placed in rather than the success stories of the West. China and Russia may have sent envoys and officials here to learn Singapore's own success story, but ultimately it is up to them on how they wish to adapt it best for their own society.

There is no one size fits all solution, and it will be inaccurate to label that Liberal Western Democracy is suitable for the whole world, where so many of us are so different in our cultural and traditions. Will it then come to a time when this system of democracy or in that sense any form of government be imposed onto the entire world itself such that we all will then become mere blueprints from a single government style?

The Right to choose is a basic concept. You have advocated for rights, so we choose our 'authoritarian' style of governance. It is what works best for us after all.

Happy Birthday 17/07


Blackforest (looks like Whiteforest though) cake from Bengawan Solo

Happy Birthday 17/07! One year has passed by so fast and we are soon ending our school term.

It seems like we are one of the few (maybe even only) class that does class birthdays each year. This class spirit that we have is what really binds us all together and I am very delighted to be with you guys =) We have been through so much, like Service Learning, Sandcastle Building and even today's Dinner escapade at some unknown restaurant at Upper Thomson. Till then, all the best for our future endeavours!


You light up my life ( or rather...cake)

Oh yeah the cake was quite delicious. Blackforest from Bengawan Solo. Nice and creamy with fruits on top and in between the layers of cake, I suspect that its either grapes or glazed cherries that have been laid to rest there. Hearty cake for the occasion!


Longan - Also known as Dragon Eyes ( if you translate it literally from chinese)

Sweet, juicy and crunchy. Those little balls of white fruit pack a mean punch in whetting your appetite for even more of their species. The Longan is a seasonal tropical fruit that has a full bodied flavour of sweetness and the crunchiness from each bite leaves you sweet and hearty aftertaste in your mouth.


I bought the Longan around the same time as the Durian extravaganza (Click here for the article) which I had a week ago. Keep it for a few days and you will really taste the sweetness. Oh my, I keep wanting for more. Munch Munch. 

General Market Price : 3kg for $10


Double Serving of Luscious Snickers Ice Cream (top) and D24 Ice Cream (bottom) 

After tonight's class dinner at the Hong Kong Street Restaurant at Upper Thomson Road (which was not very good), the group of us went to Icekimo located around the bend of the restaurant itself.

From the looks of it, the journey to this Ice Cream Shoppe is a little bit extravagant as it is quite far. (unless you are some sort of die-hard Ice Cream fanatic aiming to try out every single Ice Cream shop in Singapore)


Double serving of Wild Strawberry (top) and the D24 Durian again (bottom) - the durian is very popular.

Still, Icekimo serves up over 10 types of flavours with locals variants such as Teh-tarik (pulled tea), Milo, and even the D24 Durian which Singaporeans love so much. For me, it would be considered a quaint little outlet located in the suburbs. There is a limited number of seats and it is generally crowded at times.

Their ice cream is hand made with reduced sugar and fat and the texture reminds you of that lovely little taste that grandma used to have in her own recipe of ice cream. A little gritty because of the icy grains here and there, it is not entirely smooth and may not appeal to those who love silky smooth sumptuous smooth ice cream. (Did I say smooth twice or thrice?)

I must rave about their durian. You can actually taste the durian fibre in it and the sweetness is just right. Not too sweet like those Potong Ice Creams you see in the supermarket.


If you are ever in the vicinity or simply craving for that home made ice cream, you might want to try out Icekimo. Rated 2/3 by Makansutra (the ever popular food critic television programme by K.C. Seetoh), it was a visit well worth it. Especially in Singapore's sweltering heat.

DSCF1534  DSCF1556

Rating for Icekimo : 4/5

Location : 8 Sin Ming Road #01-03 (see pictures above for full map and address)



I wrote this little speech and presented it to my secondary school when I was in secondary 2. Hope you enjoy it and be inspired =)

Reflect on all the great leaders in the world, how did they become so successful in their lives ? How did they make people believe them ? Were they inspired and have they inspired others. Inspiration can be found in everyone. The only mystery to many is how do we unlock it. Life is an ever ongoing cycle of inspiration. You inspire me, I inspire others, they inspire everyone.

Quoting an example from Martin Luther King Jr. Spurred by the racial discrimination between ‘ blacks ‘ and ‘ whites ‘ in America, he was thus inspired and motivated to become mobilized in the movement of civil rights and racial equality. His most recognized words were “ I have a dream… “ This short phrase alone was his way of inspiring others. If we instill in ourselves this inspiration, we too can succeed in life, just like Mr King did.

Never be fearful in thinking that inspiring others is an impossible task. Everyone has this ability to inspire others. Without your knowing, you may have inspired others. If you have an inspiration, go for it. That inspiration would then be your source of motivation. Never listen to those who try to belittle you. They may laugh and ridicule, jeering about you going to inspire others. Although you are only one person, and the world may seem impossible, you can try with the person next to you. Start small and work your way. When you inspire others, you are the world to them


Sashimi Extravaganza 1 - Tuna (back), squid (front right), salmon (front left)

I discovered this nifty little restaurant a couple of months ago while surfing the net for quality Japanese Buffet restaurants in Singapore. I have never heard of Himawari Japanese Restaurants amidst the popular and established ones like Sakae Sushi, Ichiban Sushi, Hanabi, etc. etc. In fact, I am decided to put my heart into action and finally present to everyone the best Japanese buffet restaurant I have been to so far. (It's my 4th time there, including today)

Himwari serves up A-La-Carte Japanese Buffet at affordable prices for a quality and satisfying meal throughout the entire week. I have only been to the Neil Road branch (there is another at SAFRA Mount Faber) but it seems to me like a home away from home.

The ambience is very cosy and relaxing with Japanese music being played in the background over the in-house audio system. But enough of the ambience! I am sure the food is what we are all here about still=)

You'd really want to read the whole article, click the link below to read the whole post about this excellent quality restaurant

The Sashimi

The sashimi served at Himawari boasts excellent quality and freshness. Though the pieces are sliced a tad too thick for that perfect mark, each piece actually gives that melt-in-the-mouth feeling. My biggest applause goes to the Ika Sashimi (squid) which is served up nice and translucent. [see Sashimi Extravaganza 1 for the Ika Sashimi]


Sashimi Extravaganza 2 - Salmon (front left), octopus (front right), Sword fish (center), tuna (back right), salmon (back left)

I have discovered that the more translucent that Ika Sashimi is, the fresher the dish. Judging from what I have eaten at the well-established Japanese buffet restaurants elsewhere, this is the freshest I have tasted so far. Each bite proved to be crunchy and sweet, with a smooth aftertaste.

The salmon (sake), tuna (maguro) and octopus (tako) sashimi are also of commendable praise. Quality is sincerely not compromised in the restaurant and I believe you have to try it to believe it =)

Rating : 4.5/5


Shabu Shabu - Beef Slices


Also included in the A-La-Carte buffet menu is the Shabu-shabu (Japanese hotpot). My general preference of the meat for the hotpot is the thinly sliced beef slices. Once again, freshness of the beef is guaranteed. You can actually see the lovely red colour of the meat!


Shabu Shabu - Before cooking

The hotpot comes with a wide variety of vegetables plus the slightly sweet and salty stock. Combined with the beef slices, they make up one excellent soup that is healthier and yet appetizing.


Shabu-Shabu - Ready to eat! Oh My Gosh, look at that beef!

It doesn't take long for the vegetables to get cooked and for the beef it takes even lesser time than that. I believe I placed the meat in for approximately 2 minutes and its ready to eat.

The beef was another melt-in-the-mouth winner and it complimented the base very well.


As a dip, the Shabu-Shabu comes with chilli and soy sauce. I'm wondering where the 3rd sauce went. Can't remember it but it tasted something like yellow bean paste.

Rating : 4/5




Wakame (Seaweed)


There are 3 different kinds of appetizers at Himwari. Namely, wakame (seaweed), hotate (scallop), and kimuchi (kimchi: Japanese name for the Korean preserved vegetables)

My recommendation would be to try the Wakame and the Hotate. The seaweed provided to be nice and crunchy and not too salty like those available outside.


The Hotate (Scallop)

The scallop too is equally as delicious, with the slices going very well as a snack between the main courses of the meal. *I reckon that my mum had actually ordered the hotate 4 times in one of my visits!* 

Rating : 4.5/5


Agedashi Tofu - One of the oldest and most well known dishes in Japan

The Agedashi Tofu

I particular enjoy the Agedashi tofu available at Himawari. The silken firm tofu is cut into blocks and thereafter deep-fried with a light batter coating. There is another version of the Agedashi tofu and that version is coated entirely with a thicker batter and deep-fried to a golden brown colour.

However, this agedashi tofu (as you see above) is light and crispy on the outside with the broth surrounding it not too salty. Just right =)

Rating : 4.5/5


Left - Ebi (Prawn) Tempura, Right - Yasai (Vegetable) Tempura


Available at Himwari as per standard of Japanese restaurants is the Tempura. Himawari's take of the Japanese style of deep frying resonates very well with whatever filling they use.

I must applaud the person behind the Tempura batter at Himawari as when served up, the coating is light, fluffy and crispy - with no overpowering taste or texture. You actually get to enjoy the stuff inside with the tempura acting as an excellent companion to it.


Kisu (White Fish) Tempura

The Kisu Tempura is a rare dish I have yet to encounter in other Japanese restaurants. The white fish is lightly flavoured with no unique taste such as the salmon or tuna. However, when this fish is paired with Himawari's tempura batter, it leaves you with the desire to take the second bite.

If I am not wrong, my family also buys this fish at the market (but it is seldom available). A rare dish that you must order!

Rating : 4/5


Gindara (Cod Fish) Teriyaki

Gindara Teriyaki

Another dish seldom seen elsewhere on buffet menus is the Teriyaki Cod Fish. Cod has and always will be expensive. Prized for their smoothness and cotton like texture, cod is perhaps one of the most premium fish available in the market.

Now you must be thinking how will a buffet earn when they offer cod! *They surely must have some reason...but let's not dwell on that* Rather, enjoy the serving of cod like you have never before.

The fish is wonderfully glazed with Teriyaki sauce, though it can be a bit too salty if you are not used to it. Prefer a lighter variant? Ask for less sauce!

Rating : 4/5


Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Oh my gosh, doesn't the list end with all these premium stuff? No!

The soft shell crab is excellent. That is my comment! Crispy and yet not coated with some heavy batter, you get to enjoy the crab in its entirety. Dip it with the light sauce that comes with it, and you are almost sent to Nirvana!

Rating : 4/5


Creamy Corn Croquette

Creamy Corn Croquette

My last dish for today's visit was the Creamy Corn Croquette. I don't know how any deep fried dish can get any better than this. It is simply creamy, with that hint of corn sweetness, deep fried to perfection. If not it classified as a deep fried dish, I would label it as a dessert!

Rating : 4.5/5


Mr. Yoichi Nakaoka - director of Himawari (right) with one of his young chefs at Neil Road's branch

In overall, a visit to Himawari with a small party will be an extremely pleasant affair. You get to enjoy the cosiness together with excellent service and quality food. It's no wonder that the restaurant was awarded the Wine and Dine 2007 Award last year. The food featured on this blog is just some of the premium stuff I recommend you to go for. There are many many more which even I have yet to discover. So don't forget to check the rest of the menu out=)

Now and then, Mr. Yoichi will come out and even ask his customers on feedback for the food. An act rarely done in Singaporean restaurants.


The dining area at Himawari's Neil Road Branch

Intending to visit Himawari? You won't be dissapointed =)

I'll be back! (for my 5th, 6th, 7th,.......visit)


Overall Rating : 4.5/5


SAFRA Mount Faber

2 Telok Blangah Way #01-10 Safra Mount Faber Singapore 098803

(Junction of Henderson Road and Telok Blangah Way)

Business Hour: (Monday - Friday) 1130 - 1500, 1730 - 2200, (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) 1130 - 2200

Telephone: 62787778  Fax: 62760680

Neil Road Branch

114 Neil Road Singapore 088852

Business Hour: (Monday - Friday) 1130 - 1500, 1800 - 2230, (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) 1130 - 2230

Telephone: 64380925  Fax: 64380926

How to get there to the Neil Road Branch by train?

Take the MRT train to Outram Park station, walk towards the Police Cantonment Complex and head towards Chinatown Plaza. The restaurant is just opposite Chinatown plaza.





Mao Shan Huang - Really the King of Durians 

The Mao Shan Huang, priced at a steep value of $20 per kg is certainly no durian to be trifled with. It's exterior of the durian meat has a thin flesh which breaks easily once in the mouth, only to reveal a bitter sweet creamy filling.


The "King" is extremely fragrant and it perhaps exudes the most durian aroma out of the three varieties. Each bite gives a refreshing aftertaste that leaves you tantalizing for more. However, for its price at $20 per kg (my 1 durian of Mao Shan Huang cost me $48!), it is ideal more for hardcore durian lovers and adventurers or when you have struck the lottery!

Price : $20 per kg

Rating : 4.5/5


Hong Xia - Red Prawn

The Red Prawn (Hong Xia) is perhaps highly sought after because of its slightly reddish flesh. In the picture the reddish colour is not clearly seen.q At a price of $12 per kg, it is still expensive as mine cost me $27 for 1 durian.


With a generally creamier texture than the Mao Shan Huang, and no hint of a bitter aftertaste, this could probably be the durian kids will love. After the first bite or so, it tends to lose its uniqueness and stands out only a little because of its sweet taste.

Price : $12 per kg

Rating : 3.5/5


The D24

The D24 is slightly wetter in texture with the flesh being slightly sweeter than the Red Prawn. Certain harvests will also bear a slightly alcoholic taste and perhaps that is what makes this variety one of the most popular durians in Singapore. Bitterness of the flesh is masked mostly by the sweet taste.

Priced at $10 per durian or 3 for $20, it is something most people will go for in an excellent balance of taste and value.

Price : $10 per durian or $20 for three durians

Rating : 4/5


The taste test - from left : Hong Xia, Mao Shan Huang, D24  

My trip to the Four Seasons Durians Cafe cost me about $80 for 3 durians. If you are a hardcore durian enthusiast or simply the adventurous sort with a slightly thicker than average wallet, you might want to try this place out.

Other than that, it would probably be better if you just stick to the neighbourhood durian sellers as there is really not much of a difference between taste. Except perhaps for the notion of value and guarantee of a good durian at the cafe itself. But maybe, I am just the adventurous sort who loves buying 3 for $10 durians or even 50 cents for 1 and hope Lady Luck has granted me with a superior quality durian =)

Yet again, bow down to the King of Fruits! - The Durian.


Overall Rating For The Four Seasons Durians Cafe : 3.5/5

Venue : No. 212A Joo Chiat Place (off Still Road)

Contact : 6342 0277

Note : You might want to take public transport there as the place is packed with cars that have "stopped for the moment" by the side of the road.

Shokudo hits the spot!


Look at that Beef!

How can anyone not want that Beef? Thinly sliced and freshly prepared, the beef is the real deal of the The Sliced Beef Udon at Shokudo.

I have been to Shokudo for a couple of times and they are always bogged down by an extremely extremely extremely............long queue. The restaurant boasts a "hawker style" concept where restaurateurs go in with a restaurant issued "debit" card of $100 to buy the food. Once inside, there are authentic and unique stalls to choose from ranging from traditional Japanese food to the more creative Western infusion of it. 


The Sliced Beef Udon

One way to beat the queue is to order takeaway from the restaurant. That's how my mum did it and all the dishes you see in this article are takeaways. (So the bowls and plates are not part of the concept)

Still, The Sliced Beef Udon which my mum ordered remained as tasty as ever. The beef was nice and soft, not overly chewy, and each bite would leave you craving for more. The udon (Japanese noodles) itself were not over cooked and had the nice springy texture to it. Both meat and noodles complimented well with the broth which gave a memorable feeling, though the broth can be a tad too salty for some. But I like it that way=)

Price For The Sliced Beef Udon : $6.80

Rating For The Sliced Beef Udon : 4/5


Crispy Skin of the Grilled Saba (Pickled radish not included =)

The Grilled Saba with Salt is perhaps another highlight of the restaurant and perhaps any other Japanese food. To me, I think that this is one authentic dish simply served in all its natural glory. No added sauces or anything, its just the fish grilled with salt.

Since this is takeaway, the fish loses some points on its crispiness on the way home, but the meat remained tender as ever. If you eat it there, prepare to enjoy nature's best - Japanese style.

Price for The Grilled Saba with Salt : $5.80

Rating for The Grilled Saba with Salt : 4.5/5


The Kani Seafood Omelette Rice

A new addition for me is The Kani (Crabmeat) Seafood Omelette Rice. I have seen this style of serving fried rice is other restaurants, where the rice is wrapped in a nice bag made of Omelette.

Shokudo's variant of the dish had a good serving of mayonnaise on it with some herbs. The rice itself was nice and light, with that hint of curry powder in it if I am not wrong. While it's concept of the dish is nothing unusual, the excellent addition of some spices (I still insist its curry powder) into the rice mix itself, boosted the dish up to a 3.5/5

Price for The Kani (Crabmeat) Seafood Omu Rice : $8.80

Rating for The Kani Seafood Omu Rice : 3.5/5

Looking for Authentic Japanese Food and its fusion variants, perhaps you might want to try Shokudo. In its hawker like ambience, it brings an entirely new feel to the idea of restaurant dining.

Restaurant Name : Shokudo

Location : #B1-44E Raffles City. Take the train to City Hall MRT Station and enter Raffles City Shopping Centre. The restaurant is in the extended section of the basement in the shopping centre.


Syukou Rakuyu Saki Ika (Dried Cuttlefish Pieces) from Japan

I don't know what has come over my mum to buy these little bits of dried cuttlefish pieces (which has an overly pungent smell) from Jasons Marketplace. She told me she had been "eyeing" this for quite some time and finally gave in to temptation!

Not really a big fan of dried cuttlefish, I still took the dare to taste it and surprisingly it wasn't that bad after all. The pieces were slightly sweet and salty, albeit a bit chewy (but that's ok) and it really left me wanting more.

*I told myself to stop at a few pieces, but went on eating and eating, until my mum snatched the packet back from me. hmph.*

Quite a good snack, though for the price, it leaves one to faint.

Price for 1 packet (200g) : $14.15


Pomelo...The Pink     

I've shown you all the pomelo in my earlier post (Click here to see the post) and this is the Pink variety. While the white one was slightly soury sweet, the pink breed of the pomelo presented us with a nice, sweet and juicy flesh. It tasted almost like honey, but if you want to buy only the pink pomelos, you would have to ask the fruit seller for its expertise. (It's just luck that the pink pomelo appeared=)

Price for 1 pomelo : $5.50

Available at : JASONS MARKET PLACE. Raffles City Shopping Centre Basement 1.