Ang Moh VS Local Snack! DING DING.

Somewhere in Singapore...

"Yo Man! Wanna eat sum Pretzels?" (Offers a bag, with signs of infinity [the pretzels] sticking out)

"Mai La! Jia Goreng Pisang....Ho Jia leh." (Gives two thumbs up and a shiny white smile)

*For the uninitiated in the Dialects, it means : Don't want! Eat Fried Banana Fritters...Nice to eat =)

Editor's Note : I apologize for the amount of Singlish even in the translation. It was done so in order to preserve the integrity of the sentence.


The Pretzel. Don't they look like a familiar mathematical symbol? (Hint: its the sign of infinity)

The pretzel could be considered my all time favourite snack if not for the price. At $2.30 per piece from Auntie Anne's, its not a snack one can enjoy every day, especially for students like me - who live on a budget in today's standard of living. (Ok ok..better not go into Economics and all that stuff about inflation, demand and supply)

Anyway, the pretzel is basically one long strip of dough, nicely formed into the symbol of 8 and then baked to golden goodness. I generally prefer the plain ones from Auntie Anne's and not those with the toppings and garnishes as I enjoy tasting the pastry itself. Furthermore, those with little "gold toppings" (any garnishes are considered like gold toppings because of the increased price), it will set you back another 50 cents or so.

From a Russel Peter's Comedy Sketch :

"50 cents alot of money! You save 50 cents here, you save 50 cents there. Then you go to the dollar store. At the dollar store you buy something else!" 


Well, since they state that its "SIMPLY NUTRITIOUS, SIMPLY DELICIOUS" one can hardly argue for the price. LOL. Nonetheless, to what I know, the only Pretzel store I ever come across is the one located in Takashimaya Shopping Center (Orchard). Interested in trying out an Ang Moh snack? Go find Auntie Anne's!

I love Auntie Anne's Pretzels...but that price...

Rating : 4/5

Location : Basement Level 2, Takashimaya Shopping Center, Orchard. Stall is located at the entrance of the food court near the fountain. 


Goreng Pisang Ni Hao Ma?

Comparatively with this local Asian goody which costs about $2.00 for 4-5 pieces, this is relatively cheaper. The Goreng Pisang - Silky yellow fruit bathed in "white pearl milk" and later soaked in Rejuvenating Golden Oil. Ahhh the goodness. (hint hint...sense the sarcasm please)

Still, despite all its oily goodness, the Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana Fritters), remains an all time Singaporean favourite - and also my mum's. I seldom eat Goreng Pisang but when I come across those that look really good (especially the ones at certain Pasar Malams [Night Markets]), will I be tempted to devour them. Hehehe...

The ones pictured above were bought at Ananas Cafe at $2.00 for 4 pieces. Grab them while they are hot, though there are better ones around.

Rating : 2.5/5

Location : Ananas Cafe. Located at Sembawang MRT Station

Ding Ding! The WINNER of this round is Mr. Pretzel!


At June 30, 2008 at 4:55 AM davidbilla said...

i strongly recommend the sour cream and onion pretzel from aunty annie's....with lemonade.....although you'd have to save up for a week or so first....mahal siol....

At July 1, 2008 at 7:09 PM myriel said...

The almond one is my favourite, coupled with the caramel or chocolate dip. Mmmmm goodness!


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