Rojak, Rojak!


Chinese Rojak with Taupok, Cuttlefish and all the crunchy peanuts...

Rojak, Rojak! The unique and savoury blend of You Tiao (fried dough rolls), Pineapple, Mango, Cucumber, Beansprouts, Lotus Flower, Turnip, dried cuttlefish, taupok (dried beancurd stuffed with beansprouts and cucumber), fluffed in traditional prawn paste. Perhaps this is to be more commonly known as the Chinese Rojak and not the Indian Rojak (which is entirely different, though they are both rojaks).

To clarify things a little, "Rojak" is a Malay word for Mixed. More specifically in this case, it is mixed food or dishes put together and to produce another dish. The Chinese Rojak is the local variant of the Rojak family, with fans who love the almost strong smelling prawn paste.

I found an excellent stall selling Chinese Rojak at the Food Republic located at Wisma Atria in Orchard. The standard rojak ($4.00) plus additional dried cutttlefish($2.00), mango($1.00) and Taupok ($1.00) cost a grand total of $8.00. Not the usual price for a Rojak like those found in the heartlands, but at this price, it was enough for two people - which wasn't so bad.


 The Chinese Rojak at Food Republic, Wisma Atria

Price aside, the mix of the various ingredients provided an excellent combination of taste. There was the crunchiness of the youtiao and the toasted Tau Pok, the tasty dried cuttlefish and prawn paste, the refreshing bite from the fruits . The serving is quite large and very filling.

Nonetheless, I found the sauce a little too spicy (my fault as I asked for chilli but how was I too know it will be that spicy), so it had me clamouring for a drink after the first few bites. So for the Rojak adventurers out there, be forewarned of the spiciness available at this stall.

Have the craving for Rojak? You might want to give the Rojak stall located at Food Republic, Wisma Atria a try =)

Rating : 4/5

Stall Name : Rojak

Venue : Food Republic Food Court, top level, Wisma Atria (located beside Orchard MRT Station)


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