Ant : "I lead a bug's life."


A rare shot of nature in action 

Can you spot the ant? Or rather two ants? I took this snappy picture on the way home from today's badminton game and didn't realise of two of nature's inhabitants scampering about the flower which my shot was focused on. A bonus! I got 3 for the shot of 1. (I have specially uploaded this shot in a large format, so click the picture to spot the ants)

The ants reminded me about a little motivational inspirational thingy which I conducted for my secondary school juniors. I got the concept from the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) Camp which I went in secondary two. Ants are amazing creatures, they work hard all the time, they think winter all summer and they never quit!

Check out the entire post for more about The Ant Philosophy.


Cool eh? Feel free to share this little bit of motivation with your family and friends.

And don't forget to think like an ant! 


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