I wrote this little speech and presented it to my secondary school when I was in secondary 2. Hope you enjoy it and be inspired =)

Reflect on all the great leaders in the world, how did they become so successful in their lives ? How did they make people believe them ? Were they inspired and have they inspired others. Inspiration can be found in everyone. The only mystery to many is how do we unlock it. Life is an ever ongoing cycle of inspiration. You inspire me, I inspire others, they inspire everyone.

Quoting an example from Martin Luther King Jr. Spurred by the racial discrimination between ‘ blacks ‘ and ‘ whites ‘ in America, he was thus inspired and motivated to become mobilized in the movement of civil rights and racial equality. His most recognized words were “ I have a dream… “ This short phrase alone was his way of inspiring others. If we instill in ourselves this inspiration, we too can succeed in life, just like Mr King did.

Never be fearful in thinking that inspiring others is an impossible task. Everyone has this ability to inspire others. Without your knowing, you may have inspired others. If you have an inspiration, go for it. That inspiration would then be your source of motivation. Never listen to those who try to belittle you. They may laugh and ridicule, jeering about you going to inspire others. Although you are only one person, and the world may seem impossible, you can try with the person next to you. Start small and work your way. When you inspire others, you are the world to them


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