Mixed Selection of Stewed Belly Pork, Crispy Chicken Chop, Prawn Paste Chicken, Vegetables and Rice - Cost ? Only $4.20

With today's rising cost of inflation, its getting increasingly more difficult to find excellent food with generous portions at reasonable prices. My journey to Admiralty today gave me the opportunity to chance upon this excellent Economical Mixed Rice Stall in the Admiralty Food Court.

These Mixed Rice is perhaps best at what they are known for - Economical. However, don't misjudge this sumptuous home-cooked goodies that are arguably some of the more tasty servings around. This particular stall at Admiralty whips up a slew of excellent dishes (I last counted over 16) and I am sure there would be something you ought to be craving for.


Popular Poultry - The Chicken Chop

I couldn't resist and went for 3 types of meat (The Chicken Chop, Prawn Paste Chicken, Stewed Pork Belly) and 1 Vegetable. At a cost of only $4.20 and with generous portions, an excellent deal!

The chicken chop emanated a crispy golden brown shine that only called for it be eaten and the prawn paste chicken was almost heavenly sitting with the rest of its buddies in the tray. I particularly enjoyed the chicken chop that was crispy and yet not too dry. A definite choice for kiddies (Not to say that I am a kid..ahum...)

Their Prawn Paste Chicken was above average but not to excellent as the bones of the chicken were rather shattered so every now and then I had to be a little more careful in my every bite.

One big thumbs up for the Stewed Pork Belly which while slightly salty for some, had generous cuttings where you could actually chew the meat. An excellent pair with the plain rice.


Very Well Done - Vegetables are not overcooked. You can literally see it shine!

Of course, how could any meal not come complete with vegetables. One commendation to the stall which should be given by the National Vegetables Board of Fine Cooking (if there ever was one) is the simple yet not overcook vegetable dishes. I sense wide smiles for vegetable lovers!

Unfortunately I did not manage to catch their popular Asam Fish dish today, which to what I heard from others, has just the right amount of sourness with the fish proving tender to the bite.

Rating for Mixed Economical Rice at Admiralty Food Court : 4/5

How to get there : Take the train to Admiralty MRT Station. Proceed to the food court in the shopping complex next to the station on the 2nd floor.


At August 26, 2008 at 7:57 PM Anonymous said...

looks good! i love economical rice stall because there are so many choices and i can make it really colourful~~

At September 13, 2008 at 10:49 AM ZHAO ZHEN HERE:D said...

Hello i am back!Wow!looks so yummy!i would like to try it next time!Such dish would be excellent for me!I am having the urge to eat it now!haha!


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