Have cravings for Satay Bee Hoon?


Damn, its been a very long time since I tried some fantastic Satay Beehoon. It seems to me that stalls that once whipped up this dish with such skill and fineness is slowly disappearing.

I was rather surprised at the finding of a satay beehoon stall when my friend Jason brought me after badminton to lunch at the nearby coffeeshop at Block 848, amidst the Khatib Heartlands.

I ordered the $4.00 (large) version of the dish and considering the price, they were very very generous in their servings.


The first and foremost importance of the Satay Bee Hoon is without doubt the satay sauce. Remember the sweet somewhat spicy brown peanut sauce that you use to dib your satay in? Well its the same one. This dish is truly a marvelous concoction by the creator.

Now this particular satay beehoon has its peanut gravy nice and thick. With it being a little on the sweet side. It was a sauce that really left you craving for more. *I literally scooped every last bit off the plate.


The serving of squid, cockles and chicken meat was also very generous for $4.00. Together with the nice and soft bee hoon, and coupled with the peanut sauce, oh they were like a match made in heaven.

Craving for more? Or do you know where to find outstanding satay bee hoon around Singapore? Leave a comment!

Block 848 Coffeeshop
Khatib Heartlands
Rating : 4/5

By the way, if you want to try some excellent popiah which is soft yet crunchy on the inside, check it out at the same coffeeshop as well!



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