Review : Baba's Fish Head Curry

DSCF9393 Sri Murugan Vege & Non Vege Foods - Baba's Fish Head Curry

One of the most popular Singaporean Dishes is certainly the Fish Head Curry. Loved for its all round spiciness and with that special tang of sourness - it is a dish that will please the palate all year round.

Tonight's dinner was takeaway from Sri Murugan Vege & Non Vege Foods located at Chai Chee Technopark. To set things straight, I generally do not enjoy eating Fish Head Curry as I find the many scales swimming in the curry itself unenjoyable. However, this particular Fish Head Curry changed my concept of that. The curry was found to be smooth, well spiced, with the hint of sourness from the green mango. It is the type of curry that will go very well with Roti Prata or even rice alone.

The fish was well done as the meat was nice and tender, bearing the sweetness of the fish itself. Together with the curry, they are like a couple made in heaven.

There was also a generous serving of the eggplant (brinjal), lady's fingers, tomatoes and slices of the green mango. All of which complimented very well with the dish.

From the picture, the fish head may not look very pretty, but the taste is fantastic. Though my only gripe would be that there was not enough Curry given (expected for the last fish head of the day.)

Nonetheless, with the dish priced at only $7.00, you might certainly want to head down and try it for yourself - whether you are a Fish Head Curry Lover or not. Be ready to tickle your senses!

Rating : 4 / 5

Stall Name : Sri Murugan Vege & Non Vege Foods

Venue : Chai Chee Technopark ( 750E Chai Chee Rd #01-01A )

Contact : 8357 6590

Operating Hours : 8am - 2pm. Mon-Fri


P.S  : Don't forget to enquire if there is any Fish Head Curry available left before you go down =)

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You might want to pair this Baba's Fish Head Curry with sliced capsicums. The sweet and refreshing taste of the capsicums brighten the dish up and add on to the full flavour with the curry acting as a sumptuous dip.

With the addition of the capsicums, you will be enjoying its health benefits as well - and what more, they are cheap!


At June 10, 2008 at 9:54 PM Lee K Y said...

Dear JP,

Thanks for sharing about fish head curry. This reminded me of those days when I was a student in Auckland, NZ. At that time, we were able to collect fish heads from a local shop free of charge. We were able to create our own fish head curry dish. However, the freebies did not last long. A couple of years later, the shop owner recognized its value and charged us for it...a small sum of less than a dollar per piece but it was nonetheless and good.

Once again, thank you for sharing with us your food adventure!!!



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