Orange-Red and White Versions of this magnificent paper thin flower.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

What does a bougainvillea mean to you?

Well, for what this plant holds for me is the varied bright hues that can liven up the very life of nature. It is a very common plant but to get flowers in such wonderous quantity will definitely take a skilled green finger/s. My admiration to the gardener.


Sit back and enjoy the joyful beauty of Old Ma Nature.






The Banana Flower.

In Singapore these days, you rarely find a banana tree in any housing estate let alone the humongous banana flower. So it was really lucky that the garden I was walking past bore this enormous tree ( or rather stunted tree ) with this colossal flower. 

A wondrous sight, eh?

Anyway, I have recently been playing around with the tools in my kitchen, and guess what. I decided to have for dinner one day "Steamed Bananas". The resultant dish which turned out was a extremely satisfying dinner and snack. Simply steam 2 bananas ( the mini ones or rather known as Pisang Mas ) - you can also steam 1 large Del Monte Banana in a small bowl. Ensure the temperature is about 150-180 degree celsius and steam the Pisangs (banana) for 15 minutes.

What you will get is an extremely soft and mushy banana (almost cream like) and the sugary essence of the banana. Very sweet and satisfying. And you know what? This is way healthier than eating those desserts at the dessert shop. All natural steamed bananas with NO ADDED SUGAR. Serious. Will put up recipe and pictures some time soon once I clear the back log of photos....got way too many of them - but proud of it =)


First time seeing a Jumbu (Rose Apple) Tree with fruit

Apart from the delights of the banana tree, I also saw a perfectly well grown Jumbu (Rose Apple) tree growing beside it. June must be the season in which the fruits are borne so as from their large and juicy looking nature - I reckon they must be DELICIOUS! I always knew Rose Apples grew on the trees but not this way, hanging from the tip. I thought that they hung the other way round, heads up! Not bottoms up! (hmmm maybe that is why there is such a large butt. You know, the way the ends are larger and heavier than the tip)


Prince of the Forest Fruits - The Mango.

If the King of fruits is the Durian, the Queen as the Mangosteen, so the Prince must be the Mango.

Fragrant and sweet smelling with all that fleshy yellow, it is no wonder the Mango has a seat in the Royal Family of fruits.

I have seen these mangoes in the supermarket and they are going for about $4.00 each, and for gosh sakes they are growing by the dozens in this tree alone. Ooooo, what a lovely delight! I reckon that the family who harvests this tree must enjoy the fruits of their labour - literally.


The Fruits of Labour.

I have no idea why is it that from the post about Bougainvillea, I have side tracked all the way to fruit- bearing trees. Haha, must be the naturalistic side of me. Many of these fruits can be used to cook in Asian dishes like curries, desserts or even steamed food and I will post them up once I think or come across recipes that are worth mentioning. Even the flowers of the bougainvillea can be used as a decoration for dishes (not always the plain old orchids).

So yeah, I know this has been a mighty long post, but with nature in its finest, I think its well worth it. Till then, enjoy reading on!


At June 10, 2008 at 9:57 PM Lee from Tokyo said...

Very cleverly worded Justin...the King of Fruits - the durian, the Queen of Fruits - the mangosteen, and now the Prince of Fruits - the Mango.

Wondering what is the Princess of Fruits - the Lycee?

Looking forward to your future coverage on the fruit basket!!!


Lee from Tokyo


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