The Double Botak Burger...*faints*


Ppppppre.....senting The Double Botak Burger from Botak Jones! 

On the first hearing of the name Botak Jones, many Singaporeans uninitiated in the foodie world will go "Whaaaa...?"

Botak Jones, the critically acclaimed joint of "restaurants" that serve all traditional American food in ..... coffeeshops. I would believe the marketing strategy to sell in coffeeshops by bringing down authentic Western food at great servings (extremely great) and quite affordable prices is a success.

This is my 2nd time to Botak Jones and this time round I had the Double Botak Burger topped with 2 slices of cheddar cheese on each patty while further topped with garlic buttered Shitake mushrooms. Is that heaven or what?


Look at that cheese melt...

Their portions are generally very large. The Double Botak Burger had patties each weighing about 150g (well at least that is what their pamphlets states and I would find it difficult not to believe it. Just take a look at that serving in the picture!)

Generally The Double Botak Burger is quite good albeit a little too filling for the average Singaporean. (You might want to consider sharing it). The meat patties were well grilled with it being juicy on top of the delectable beef aroma. The Garlic Butter Shitake Mushroom toppings which I added ($2.00) exuded the lovely buttery aroma and had that unique and delicious garlic taste.


Mamma mia! 

In overall, The Double Botak Burger is approximately 70% meat with the rest being the veggies and buns. Oh yeah, the buns are different from those found in the usual fast food chains, so you might want to try them out. It tastes great together.

The set came with a serving of their speciality fries and coleslaw. Not too bad though I would have preferred slightly saltier fries.

Craving for that burger right now? An outlet might just be in your vicinity =)

Price for The Double Botak Burger Set : $11.50

+ cheese : $1.00 per patty (2 slices)

+ Garlic Butter Shitake Mushrooms : $2.00 (1 serving)

Total Price : $15.50

Rating for The Double Botak Burger : 4/5

Venues : There are a number of outlets, so click the link to access their website for the details. (Click Here To Find A Botak Jones Outlet Nearest To You!)



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