Shokudo hits the spot!


Look at that Beef!

How can anyone not want that Beef? Thinly sliced and freshly prepared, the beef is the real deal of the The Sliced Beef Udon at Shokudo.

I have been to Shokudo for a couple of times and they are always bogged down by an extremely extremely extremely............long queue. The restaurant boasts a "hawker style" concept where restaurateurs go in with a restaurant issued "debit" card of $100 to buy the food. Once inside, there are authentic and unique stalls to choose from ranging from traditional Japanese food to the more creative Western infusion of it. 


The Sliced Beef Udon

One way to beat the queue is to order takeaway from the restaurant. That's how my mum did it and all the dishes you see in this article are takeaways. (So the bowls and plates are not part of the concept)

Still, The Sliced Beef Udon which my mum ordered remained as tasty as ever. The beef was nice and soft, not overly chewy, and each bite would leave you craving for more. The udon (Japanese noodles) itself were not over cooked and had the nice springy texture to it. Both meat and noodles complimented well with the broth which gave a memorable feeling, though the broth can be a tad too salty for some. But I like it that way=)

Price For The Sliced Beef Udon : $6.80

Rating For The Sliced Beef Udon : 4/5


Crispy Skin of the Grilled Saba (Pickled radish not included =)

The Grilled Saba with Salt is perhaps another highlight of the restaurant and perhaps any other Japanese food. To me, I think that this is one authentic dish simply served in all its natural glory. No added sauces or anything, its just the fish grilled with salt.

Since this is takeaway, the fish loses some points on its crispiness on the way home, but the meat remained tender as ever. If you eat it there, prepare to enjoy nature's best - Japanese style.

Price for The Grilled Saba with Salt : $5.80

Rating for The Grilled Saba with Salt : 4.5/5


The Kani Seafood Omelette Rice

A new addition for me is The Kani (Crabmeat) Seafood Omelette Rice. I have seen this style of serving fried rice is other restaurants, where the rice is wrapped in a nice bag made of Omelette.

Shokudo's variant of the dish had a good serving of mayonnaise on it with some herbs. The rice itself was nice and light, with that hint of curry powder in it if I am not wrong. While it's concept of the dish is nothing unusual, the excellent addition of some spices (I still insist its curry powder) into the rice mix itself, boosted the dish up to a 3.5/5

Price for The Kani (Crabmeat) Seafood Omu Rice : $8.80

Rating for The Kani Seafood Omu Rice : 3.5/5

Looking for Authentic Japanese Food and its fusion variants, perhaps you might want to try Shokudo. In its hawker like ambience, it brings an entirely new feel to the idea of restaurant dining.

Restaurant Name : Shokudo

Location : #B1-44E Raffles City. Take the train to City Hall MRT Station and enter Raffles City Shopping Centre. The restaurant is in the extended section of the basement in the shopping centre.


Syukou Rakuyu Saki Ika (Dried Cuttlefish Pieces) from Japan

I don't know what has come over my mum to buy these little bits of dried cuttlefish pieces (which has an overly pungent smell) from Jasons Marketplace. She told me she had been "eyeing" this for quite some time and finally gave in to temptation!

Not really a big fan of dried cuttlefish, I still took the dare to taste it and surprisingly it wasn't that bad after all. The pieces were slightly sweet and salty, albeit a bit chewy (but that's ok) and it really left me wanting more.

*I told myself to stop at a few pieces, but went on eating and eating, until my mum snatched the packet back from me. hmph.*

Quite a good snack, though for the price, it leaves one to faint.

Price for 1 packet (200g) : $14.15


Pomelo...The Pink     

I've shown you all the pomelo in my earlier post (Click here to see the post) and this is the Pink variety. While the white one was slightly soury sweet, the pink breed of the pomelo presented us with a nice, sweet and juicy flesh. It tasted almost like honey, but if you want to buy only the pink pomelos, you would have to ask the fruit seller for its expertise. (It's just luck that the pink pomelo appeared=)

Price for 1 pomelo : $5.50

Available at : JASONS MARKET PLACE. Raffles City Shopping Centre Basement 1.



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