Durian Fiesta @ Four Seasons Durians Cafe


Mao Shan Huang - Really the King of Durians 

The Mao Shan Huang, priced at a steep value of $20 per kg is certainly no durian to be trifled with. It's exterior of the durian meat has a thin flesh which breaks easily once in the mouth, only to reveal a bitter sweet creamy filling.


The "King" is extremely fragrant and it perhaps exudes the most durian aroma out of the three varieties. Each bite gives a refreshing aftertaste that leaves you tantalizing for more. However, for its price at $20 per kg (my 1 durian of Mao Shan Huang cost me $48!), it is ideal more for hardcore durian lovers and adventurers or when you have struck the lottery!

Price : $20 per kg

Rating : 4.5/5


Hong Xia - Red Prawn

The Red Prawn (Hong Xia) is perhaps highly sought after because of its slightly reddish flesh. In the picture the reddish colour is not clearly seen.q At a price of $12 per kg, it is still expensive as mine cost me $27 for 1 durian.


With a generally creamier texture than the Mao Shan Huang, and no hint of a bitter aftertaste, this could probably be the durian kids will love. After the first bite or so, it tends to lose its uniqueness and stands out only a little because of its sweet taste.

Price : $12 per kg

Rating : 3.5/5


The D24

The D24 is slightly wetter in texture with the flesh being slightly sweeter than the Red Prawn. Certain harvests will also bear a slightly alcoholic taste and perhaps that is what makes this variety one of the most popular durians in Singapore. Bitterness of the flesh is masked mostly by the sweet taste.

Priced at $10 per durian or 3 for $20, it is something most people will go for in an excellent balance of taste and value.

Price : $10 per durian or $20 for three durians

Rating : 4/5


The taste test - from left : Hong Xia, Mao Shan Huang, D24  

My trip to the Four Seasons Durians Cafe cost me about $80 for 3 durians. If you are a hardcore durian enthusiast or simply the adventurous sort with a slightly thicker than average wallet, you might want to try this place out.

Other than that, it would probably be better if you just stick to the neighbourhood durian sellers as there is really not much of a difference between taste. Except perhaps for the notion of value and guarantee of a good durian at the cafe itself. But maybe, I am just the adventurous sort who loves buying 3 for $10 durians or even 50 cents for 1 and hope Lady Luck has granted me with a superior quality durian =)

Yet again, bow down to the King of Fruits! - The Durian.


Overall Rating For The Four Seasons Durians Cafe : 3.5/5

Venue : No. 212A Joo Chiat Place (off Still Road)

Contact : 6342 0277

Note : You might want to take public transport there as the place is packed with cars that have "stopped for the moment" by the side of the road.


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