Look at that shine on that Roast Duck! Guilty Pleasures...

This is the second review that I am doing for the Roast Duck Rice stall at the Block 313 Coffee Shop in Sembawang Vista. My first review for it (Click here to see the review) where I gave the Roast Duck a 3.5/5 was rather average, but after passing by their stall so many times, I finally noticed that the shine on their Roast Duck is fantastic.

To really enjoy the quality (and quantity of servings) of the duck, I really recommend that you at least go for half a duck. Of course, share it with your family and friends or it will really be a guilty pleasure.


The good part of their Roast Duck is perhaps the meaty parts with that delectable glimmering brown skin on the top. You simply have to dip the meat in the duck juices, and enjoy the full flavour of goodness bursting in your mouth. Don't soak the meat in the juices though as it can get a little too salty.

Pair the roast duck with their chilli and sweet sauce, and I am sure it will arguably be a meal to please anyone's palate. Rice serving is still a little skimpy but if you feel slightly ravenous in appetite that day, perhaps you might want to call for two portions of rice - and make it the chicken rice at that!


Every dish comes loaded with pickled vegetables - a well deserved compliment to the meal itself.

For $9.00, you can get half a roast duck and for $16.00, you can get the whole bird. In today's rising prices and cost of living, I think this might be one of the cheapest yet excellent foods in Singapore.

I'm really sorry if I made you feel like eating this roast duck. Enjoy!

Rating for Roast Duck : 4.5/5

Location : Coffeeshop at Block 313, Sembawang Vista



At August 12, 2008 at 5:42 AM darrel said...

u simply have to bring me to try this. its mouth-watering.


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