Hainanese Chicken - This is really good! 

To find Hainanese Chicken Rice across Singapore is quite easy these days. What you need to find now are those that really stand out. After trying the likes of those heavily soaked in sesame oil and light soy sauce, perhaps it is time to revert back to the original flavour of home cooked Hainanese Chicken.

Now, Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop might be familiar to the older generation but this is my first time visiting this place. It was extremely crowded and a bit of a squeeze but it really felt like I was back in the good old days (minus the air conditioning).

Their Hainanese Chicken stands out particularly for its simple taste. There is no heavy sauces ladled over the meat, but just good kampung chicken with its yellow skin. Each piece was smooth to the bite and not tough and dry. You could actually feel the juice and moisture of the meat.

Rating for Hainanese Chicken : 4/5


Fabulous Roast Pork - Smoky and breahtaking 

Roast Pork is one common dish found in food courts and kopitiams, and they all have that standard salty taste. However, Yet Con's roast pork is slightly different.

The first bite exuded that smoky flavour of the meat which is entirely unique and the interestingly enough, the meat was drizzled with dark sweet sauce. I don't know how many of you would like this, but for me, this is a dish two thumbs up!

Rating for Roast Pork : 4/5

Overall, Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop is a unique outlet to visit for that traditional home cooked Hainanese food. Forget about all those additives like MSG, this is the real deal!

For a group of 6 people, expect to spend an average of $80 depending on what you order. Ambience was ok for a coffee shop but apart from all that, the feel of a genuine walk back into the past was there.

Overall Rating for Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop : 3.5/5


DSCF1896 Yet Con Hainanese Coffeeshop.
Purvis Street.
(Near the National Library and Bugis MRT Station)


At August 12, 2008 at 5:40 AM darrel said...

wowee. looks really nice. i should become a foodie addict with u. i don mind sharing costs! =D


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