The Polka Dot Dragon


The Dragonfruit

Roar! Here comes the dragon!

Oh wait...its not really a dragon, its a fruit. Honestly I have no idea why this is called a dragonfruit. Does it look like a dragon? No it doesn't. The outside is fiery red while the insides is soft and mushy with black seeds all over. Still that does not look like a dragon. Hmmm. I wonder how a dragon tastes like?


The dragon fruit is also known as the Pitaya (and is the fruit of the Hylocereus cactus and yes...dragonfruit grows on cacti ), it is usually found very sweet and delectable. And do you know ? The dragonfruit flower only blooms at night. Way cool.

It is also said that the fruit can be made into juice or wine (bahh i'm drunk)!

Rich in Vitamins (especially C), phosphorous and calcium, this is one fruit that is very good for your health. Oh yeah, I bought these at a way affordable price of 5 dragonfruits for $2.15.

Try it out, and perhaps you can start making your very own Dragonfruit wine. =)


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