Heavenly Radiance


The rays of white,

all glimmer and bright,

shines its way past

the clouds of night.


A dawn has begun

and death is too dark

till the cycle of day

starts once again.


The shadow covered trees,

with the globe of white

stand hand in hand

like the very form

of Yin & Yang. 


Warmth and richness,

fuse with nature

as the light above

shines down to love.


Come what may to

night again, and there

goes the power of might.

Till time itself  repeats life again,

shining its eternal beam of delight,

once more,

forever more.


Note : I snapped this shot on my way to school today at about 0745. Its rare to see the glow of nature from the high heavens itself. I love this moment of beauty, don't you?


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