Botak Jones Luncheon Again..-.-!


Rosemary Lamb Chops - er I didn't taste any Rosemary..?

Today's lunch outing had me travel all the way to Woodgrave Woodgrove for Botak Jones! Yes yes. the place is rather silent with the main hustle and bustle being in the Fairprice Outlet there, but to go all the way to some outskirts in Woodlands (I exaggerated a teeny weeny bit), its plain ridiculous!

The Botak Jones outlet at Woodgrove is rather new having been established only a couple of months back. Placed prominently in the residential Kopitiam, I could hardly miss the banners hailing the presence of Botak Jones (O Mighty One!)

Rosemary Lamb Chops was up on the menu for me today, and I must say that I am not very impressed by it. For $12.00, 200grams worth of Lamb Chops and 2 side dishes, it was not entirely a value for money dish.

It is true that you get premium meat, but sincerely while I admit it is juicier, there is a stark difference in taste for my regular Lamb Chops at the coffeeshop, which do taste better at a more value for money price.


A delicate portion which is average and pricey

Still, while I may not appreciate the quality of meat entirely, the dish does have its good points. It was juicy, tender and topped with a generous serving of white mushroom sauce.

The two side dishes (I chose Potato Salad and Mexican Rice) were average in texture and quality, with nothing spectacular. But if you are a fan for potatoes and egg all mixed in one, you might enjoy the eggy potato side dish =) I reckoned a sprinkle of salt could have been drizzled over the Mexican Rice for more flavour.

I presumed that while they called it "Rosemary Lamb Chops" I would find more obvious portions of Rosemary cooked with the Lamb, but somehow the fragrance of the herb disappeared. Nonetheless, there was this little drop ( about 2 spoonfulls ) of green sauce at the side of the lamb chops which I eventually guessed it to be the Rosemary sauce. A tad too sour for my liking which for me did not complement the flavour and tenderness of the meat.

In Overall, the Rosemary Lamb Chops at Botak Jones Woodgrove Outlet, while not entirely a huge disappointment, still ranks some points in the quality and presentation department. If you are a hardcore fan for Lamb, you might just want to go Baaaa....

Price : $12.00 (200g serving) with 2 side dishes of your own choice.

Rating for Rosemary Lamb Chops : 2/5

Botak Jones Woodgrove Outlet (located at the Kopitiam, opposite St. Anthony's Church). Get there with Bus 912 from Woodlands Interchange


Can't get enough of the Botak Burger...topped with Shitake Mushrooms!

Ah hahaha ... I couldn't get enough of the Botak Burger! I had to order it again with Shitake Mushrooms topping! Yum Yum. Now this you must try! Tender and juicy, with fragrant mushrooms to top - ahhh heaven =)

I have a confession - My new found love - THE CHEMPEDAK! I'M going NUTS over it. Juicy, sweet, so much like the jackfruit and the durian - almost like a crossbreed. Burp...going to buy more ... hehe ...

A slight randomness of my own ;)

Till then.


I must be mad about Chempedak. 


At September 7, 2008 at 7:37 AM Leroy said...

Frankly speaking... Very little people can actually appreciate the uniqueness of the acquired taste of the lamb. The same prejudice the sea urchin gets... lol.

And the comment about the rosemary, it being a rather strong herb, it might totally overpower the taste of the lamb if they had added abit more. Hence, you shouldn't actually "taste" the rosemary; it should blend in with the taste of the lamb, making the rosemary almost unnoticeable. It should give that hmmm-what-is-that-taste kinda feeling, there should still be a subtle lingering taste of lamb, if not why buy the lamb in the first place?

But then again, maybe because they grilled the lamb, they might have charred off the rosemary altogether... lol

Lastly, you really seem to have lots and lots of spare change to be able to indulged yourself in botak jones so could just save up and go to suki*hints*...haha


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