Heard of the Crispy Sandwich?


Chilli Crab Sandwich

Everyone has heard of Subway with their sandwiches, but Max Sandwich Grill & Creamery is probably the newest kid on the block that deserves a rousing attention. Namely, their specialties lie in three areas: Sandwiches, Coffee, and (N)Ice Cream. The (N) stands for Nitrogen which is used to “freeze” the ice cream on the spot! However, it is their sandwiches which must be given the due respect today.

I believe its the first time that a bite into a sandwich, a surprising “crunch” could be heard – and no, it is not my teeth breaking, but more of the ULTRA Crispiness of the grilled bread.


The chilli crab variant was simply delish! Well spiced, with a hint of sweetness. I feel that it is authentic as chilli crab could get in a sandwich.

Believe me, this is something that anyone should try out if they have that sudden urge for a sandwich. Pair the filling with the ULTRA Crispy sandwich and what you have is something almost a match made in heaven.

Price for Chilli Crab Sandwich : $9.50  tickticktickticktick1


 Katong Girl Sandwich

Katong Girl Sandwich reminds one of a traditional, heritage bite. Laden with fresh prawns, broccoli and laksa cheese, this sandwich would satisfy seafood lovers. My only thought for this sandwich is that whatever laksa spices that went into it, more should be added. I could only taste a hint of the laksa goodness and I believe a spicier version would definitely appeal to more.

Price for Katong Girl Sandwich : $9.50  ticktickticktick1 tick1

DSCF5834 Freshly Roasted Coffee Promised To You Everyday


Max Sandwich Grill & Creamery is definitely a place for one to sit back and take that well deserved break from all the shopping in Tampines One. A comfortable setting with great bites, don’t forget to check it out when you visit!

Max Sandwich Grill & Creamery
Tampines One


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