A Heartwarming Banana Pie Tale


I was never a fan of pastries. I didn’t enjoy the sweetness of the dessert and especially the crust where if I had to eat it, I would only finish the filling. While at Katong Shopping Centre, a strong aroma eluded the entire basement level. It was those fragrances that once you smell it, you know you want it. It was a pleasant surprise that it was actually the baking of Fresh Banana Pies in the oven of Dona Manis Cake Shop.

It was temptation without words and the fact that there were people buying boxes of the pies led me to tell myself that I must buy a slice.


My first bite – a sudden tug at my heart. The delicate sweetness of the banana and the gritty coconut dusted crust contrasted each other.

My second bite – I just felt like crying.

Somehow, the pie reminded me of the very scene where our forefathers worked through sweat and tears to bring us to what we are today. Somehow, each bite simply brought back the memories of home.

There was a certain tenderness, and yet at the same time you could feel the loving work placed in by the old bakers. It was a pastry like I never had before.

Sadly, the shopping centre is already old. And I do not know how long it can last for. It does not seem like this homely tradition will carry on, once the leaves of time fade away.

Price per slice of Banana Pie : $2.00

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Dona Manis Cake Shop

Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-93

Tel : 6440 7688. Closed on Sundays.

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